Keilor weather

 Latitude S 37° 43' 41"    Longitude E 144° 48' 17"    Elevation 14 m

Dawn: 07:04 Sunrise: 07:34 Moonrise: 10:23 Moon
Dusk: 17:37 Sunset:  17:08 Moonset: 21:22
Daylight: 10:33 Day length: 09:34 Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Welcome to Cottage Live Weather.

The weather station in use is the Fine Offset, and these pages are updated every 10 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at 9 am.

Forecast: Showery, bright intervals

Conditions at local time 03:20 on 13 June 2013
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 10.5 °C Dew Point 10.4 °C
Windchill 10.5 °C Humidity 99%
Heat Index 10.5 °C Apparent Temperature 10.6 °C
Solar Radiation 0 W/m² Evapotranspiration Today Plazzi g, 2001, sleep s, v22, ps86 pompeiano o, 1976, adv sleep res, v3, p411 portas cm, 2000, neuron, v28, p991 rye db, 1997, sleep, v20, p757 rye db, 1998, sleep, v21, p446 rye db, 1999, neurology, v53, p1868 sakai k, 1980, reticular formation, p427 sakai k, 1981, brain mech perceptua, p405 sakai k, 1985, brain mechanisms sle, p111 sanford ld, 1994, j sleep res, v3, p233 sanford ld, 2001, sleep res online, v4, p1 sastre jp, 1979, physiol behav, v22, p979 sastre jp, 1990, sleep res, v19, p124 schenck ch, 1986, sleep res, v15, p162 schenck ch, 1986, sleep res, v15, p163 schenck ch, 1986, sleep, v9, p293 schenck ch, 1987, jama-j am med assoc, v257, p1786 schenck ch, 1989, am j psychiat, v146, p1166 schenck ch, 1989, dissociation, v2, p194 schenck ch, 1990, clev clin j med s, v57, p10 schenck ch, 1991, intens care med, v17, p219 schenck ch, 1991, sleep res, v20, p322 schenck ch, 1992, ann neurol, v32, p3 schenck ch, 1992, sleep res, v21, p16 schenck ch, 1992, sleep res, v21, p257 schenck ch, 1992, sleep, v15, p226 schenck ch, 1993, j sleep res, v2, p224 schenck ch, 1995, sleep, v18, p765 schenck ch, 1996, ann neurol, v39, p261 schenck ch, 1996, biol psychiat, v40, p422 schenck ch, 1996, neurology, v46, p388 schenck ch, 1997, biol psychiat, v42, p527 schenck ch, 1997, sleep res, v26, p495 schenck ch, 1997, sleep, v20, p349 schenck ch, 1997, sleep, v20, p972 schenck ch, 1998, am j psychiat, v145, p652 schenkel e, 1989, neurosci lett, v98, p159 schuld a, 1999, j sleep res, v8, p321 sforza e, 1988, eur neurol, v28, p295 sforza e, 1997, sleep med rev, v1, p57 sheldon sh, 1998, j child neurol, v13, p257 shimizu t, 1985, adv neurol sci, v29, p154 shimizu t, 1990, jpn j psychiat neur, v44, p681 shouse mn, 1992, brain res, v571, p50 silber mh, 1992, sleep res, v21, p313 silber mh, 1993, sleep res, v22, p274 silvestri r, 1989, eur neurol, v29, p80 soh k, 1992, physiol behav, v52, p553 sugita y, 1991, sleep res a, v20, p394 sugita y, 1998, sleep wake disorders, p131 sultan sg, 2000, sleep s, v21, p88 tachibana m, 1975, adv sleep res, v2, p177 tachibana n, 1991, biol psychiat, v30, p4 tachibana n, 1994, sle. safe to order generic viagra online viagra online price of viagra 5mg cheap viagra online cheap viagra online Viagra pills for men side effects buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription women using viagra men taking viagra and viagra cheap viagra pills for sale cut viagra 20 mg half can i take viagra and viagra at the same time cut viagra 20 mg half cheap viagra online viagra daily vs regular viagra Other guys viagra pill 0.00 mm
Rainfall Today 0.0 mm Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Rainfall This Month 0.0 mm Rainfall This Year 20.4 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 0.0 mm Last rainfall 2013-04-15 22:32
Wind Speed (gust) 0.0 km/h Wind Speed (avg) 0.0 km/h
Wind Bearing 0° --- Beaufort F0 Calm
Barometer  993.4 hPa Falling slowly -0.2 hPa/hr
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