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 Latitude S 37° 43' 41"    Longitude E 144° 48' 17"    Elevation 14 m

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Welcome to Cottage Live Weather.

The weather station in use is the Fine Offset, and these pages are updated every 10 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at 9 am.

Forecast: Showery, bright intervals

Conditions at local time 03:20 on 13 June 2013
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 10.5 °C Dew Point 10.4 °C
Windchill 10.5 °C Humidity 99%
Heat Index 10.5 °C Apparent Temperature 10.6 °C
Solar Radiation 0 W/m² Evapotranspiration Today 0.00 mm
Rainfall Today 0.0 mm Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Rainfall This Month 0.0 mm Rainfall This Year 20.4 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 0.0 mm Last rainfall 2013-04-15 22:32
Wind Speed (gust) 0.0 km/h Wind Speed (avg) 0.0 km/h
Wind Bearing 0° --- Beaufort F0 Calm
Barometer  993.4 hPa Falling slowly -0.2 hPa/hr
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